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Introduction to BIG Data Testing Training Course:

Database Testing Course is well originated by the SQA experts of a foremost database testing training institute and for students to get into a work of software database testing. This database testing training session gives a dedicated knowledge of all the advanced database testing concepts to both beginners and experienced test professionals.

This database testing training course helps students to gain knowledge of efficient techniques on how to test the database of an application. The testing training program is completely based on the ACID properties – Atomicity, Isolation, Consistency, Durability of a database management system. This will help aspirants to acquire deep awareness of database testing and outline your career in the testing profession.

This database testing training session helps aspirants to study how to spot bugs in database of a software application for exterminating any errors to software system including deadlock, data corruption, poor performance and so on. Through this database testing course, students get an overall knowledge of making a database testing process into the database of a software system both practically and theoretically.

Introduction to Database Testing Training Course

Database testing course gives the thorough knowledge on database testing methodologies, different software testing tools, relational database, normalization, data integrity, introduction to SQL queries and database objects testing.

This database testing training program allocates test practitioners to know the following key areas of database testing.

  • Why database testing is important?
  • How database testing is performed?
  • SQL queries

Program Summary

Below declared are the points that have been enclosed in database testing course.


  • Testing at Database Layer
  • Database Testing Environment
  • What when and how of Database Testing
  • Roles & responsibilities in Database Testing
  • DB Testing methodologies
  • Database Testing Tools
  • Why should Test professionals know DB Basics?
  • The DB component: What is a Data-Based Application?
  • Back end vs. Front End Testing
  • Testing the Application vs. Testing the DBMS
  • Knowledge Requirements for Database Testing

Relational Database (Introduction)

  • What’s a relational database?
  • Types of Data Integrity
  • Lack of data integrity introduces bugs
  • Identifying Design Defects

Database Normalization

  • Introduction
  • Normalization Bugs
  • Understanding Normalization: First, 2nd and 3rd Normal Form
  • Understanding Demoralization
  • Identifying poor design; developing Test cases

Introduction to SQL

  • SQL essentials
  • Basic SQL statements for Testing

Testing Database Objects

  • Tables
  • Triggers
  • Stored Procedures
  • Indexes
  • Synonyms
  • Sequences
  • Best Practices in Database Testing