manual testing course in hyderabad

Introduction to Manual Testing Training Course:

The Manual Testing Training program replicate absolutely to the mind-set of candidates who are looking for a vivid future in the Software Testing or SQA (Software Quality Assurance) industry by offering inclusive training course on manual testing. This manual testing course enclose a detailed level of software testing as well as the related specific testing methodologies that relate to manual testing of a software application. This training course is offered by a foremost manual testing training institute with an aspire to communicate precious training to make students study concepts and diverse methods as well as altered aspects of manual software testing.

This manual testing training session essentially focuses on “how to execute software testing activities” and clears the queries associated to how much software testing is sufficient. As it is actually said that “practice makes the man perfect”, this course is easing students to have adequate practice work with the prepared manual software testing techniques.

Course Content for Manual Testing Training Course:

This manual testing course offers detailed manual software testing techniques for each level including performance, integration, system and unit testing. This training having extensive teaching materials organize students to learn about how to find the issues and bugs during software testing of an application.

Course Syllabus:

  • What is Manual Testing?
  • What are the Objectives of Manual Testing?
  • What are the Responsibilities & Attributes of a Tester?
  • What is the Test Team Structure & Test Candidates?
  • What is the Testing Environment?
  • Why SDLC in Software Testing is Relevant?
  • What is the Concept of Build in Manual Software Testing?
  • Which are the SDLC Models (Detailed Overview on V, RAD, Spiral, Incremental & Waterfall Model)?
  • What are the Different Types of Testing Done at Different Stages?
  • Which are the Test Design Techniques?
  • What is Test Scenario?
  • Which are the Test Factors and How These are Implemented?
  • What is Software Test Life Cycle, Designing Test Case and Designing Test Plan?
  • How to Report Defects?
  • What is Defect Life Cycle?
  • What are Trace-ability Matrices?
  • Which are the Various Test Reports?
  • What is Software Quality Assurance and Software Quality Control?
  • What is the Difference Between Software Verification and Software Validation?
  • What is the Concept of Equivalence Class Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis?
  • What is Web, Database and Security Testing?
  • Project Work