mobile app testing course in hyderabad

Introduction to Mobile app Testing Training Course:

LEADARCHER Mobile App Testing Course is one of the most favoured software testing course that helps students to acquire a exhaustive practical knowledge of testing mobile based applications. Due to rising mobile application difficulty it is essential to execute wild tests on application to make sure its accepted quality and potency before it will go to market for common use.

Mobile app testing course help us recognize the issues correlated to performance, stability, security and reliability and execution of best practices to develop quality of mobile application as per requisite business goals. Software testing specialists at our institution facilitates you learn efficient mobile app testing in a thorough manner. Our Institute is favoured mobile app testing training Institute by mobile application testing applicants.

Course Content for Mobile app Testing Training:

Mobile app testing course includes an introduction to mobile app development, difference between mobile and desktop app testing, introduction to different mobile platforms, device fragmentation. A thorough understanding has been provided on mobile app automation testing, different tools used for automating mobile test, creating test cases, black box testing and best ways used to execute effective test on mobile app.

During this mobile app testing training students will get an experience of working on genuine mobile app testing project.

Course Syllabus:

The topics which have been taught to the students in mobile app testing course are :

  • Introduction to Mobile Automation
  • Understand Appium Framework
  • Installing Appium
    • Configuring Appium with Eclipse
    • Automation of iOS Apps using Appium
    • Automation of Android App using Appium
  • Element Locators
  • Introduction to different forms of Mobile Applications
    • Native Applications
    • Mobile Website
    • Hybrid Applications
  • Configure and running test with ANT and MAVEN
  • Handling various events (Touch, Multi touch, Drag and Drop)
  • Launch and test application on Real Device and Simulators
  • Page Object and Page factory
  • Reporting test results