siebel testing online training

Introduction to siebel/sap testing training Course:

LEADARCHER is a corporate training firm present in Hyderabad. We can offer training & consultancy in many ERP-CRM products and also associated skillets.

SIEBEL CRM technology is the server framework for development, integration and security. It has industry wide strategy implemented according to "SIEBEL architecture. A logical grouping of SIEBEL Servers that fix to one SIEBEL database. SIEBEL system administration roles to be made are full life cycle of Si deployment, analyze the patches and apply to SIEBEL installations, configuration and troubleshooting of the environment. SIEBEL Admin training enables administrator to be worked on production support and become SIEBEL CRM Technology Specialist.


  • Introduction to Siebel CRM and Admin Roles
  • Siebel Enterprise Server Architecture
  • The Siebel Web Architecture
  • Installing Siebel Applications
  • Securing Access to the Application
  • Configuring the System Architecture
  • Configuring the Browser for Siebel Web Clients
  • Administering Server System Services
  • Configuring Siebel Servers
  • Administering Siebel Server Run-Time Operations
  • Using the Siebel Server Manager Command-Line Interface
  • Siebel Server Infrastructure Administration
  • Application Object Manager Administration
  • Siebel Server Components and Parameters
  • Structure of the eapps.cfg File
  • Parameters in Configuration File
  • Monitoring Siebel Server Run-Time Operations
  • Administering Event Logging
  • Siebel Remote Concepts
  • Setting Up Mobile Web Clients
  • Extracting Databases for Mobile Web Clients
  • Configuring and Using Mobile Web Client
  • Setting Up the Development Environment for Developer
  • Repository Migration Process
  • Prepare Scripts for Repository Migration
  • Run SRF full & Incremental Compilation & Run GENB Script
  • Siebel Admin Troubleshootings
  • Siebel Client Types
  • Create new OM and new application
  • Applying Siebel Patches
  • DB connectivity and TNSNAMES testing
  • Export siebns backup using script and server manager bat file
  • Static dataloads load types (excel)
  • Siebel Upgrade doc
  • Adding another siebel server on existing enterprise
  • File system lab (attachment, user pref)
  • Using the Siebel WebClient
  • Working With Siebel Data
  • Siebel Client Types